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    喜訊 | 德堡數控搬遷至光明新區招商局科技園


            May 21, Shenzhen Double CNC Technology Co., Ltd. moved to China Merchants Group Science Park inGuangming District. The Double employees have worked together to complete the overall relocation as scheduled.  



            Guangming China Merchants Group Science Park, located in Phoenix New City, the gateway area of Guangming New District, Shenzhen. It is adjacent to the Guangming high-speed railway station. It enjoys convenient transportation, comfortable office environment and perfect supporting facilities. It integrates industry, commerce, residence, business and exhibition; with intelligent manufacturing, biotechnology, E-commerce, life and health, international education and creative content as the core, enjoys many preferential policies and have service function platform including government services, investment and financing services, industrial services, corporate exchanges and human resources.


    Double CNC will make better use of the advantageous resources of Guangming New District, always adhere to the development path of independent innovation, and continue to make contributions to the acceleration of transformation and upgrading of Shenzhen intelligent manufacturing with self-developed key technology.