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    |通告| Power Automation GmbH:與中國海德盟數控技術(深圳)有限公司不存在合作關系



    Power Automation GmbH:與中國海德盟數控技術(深圳)有限公司不存在合作關系

    Power Automation GmbH: No cooperation with Higerman Shenzhen China

    普萊德爾斯海姆, 2018122 – Power Automation再次告知所有用戶,德國普萊德爾斯海姆Power Automation GmbH與中國深圳海德盟數控技術有限公司不存在合作關系。

    Pleidelsheim, January 22, 2018 – Power Automation officially declares once again that there is no cooperation between Power Automation, Pleidelsheim, Germany and Higerman, Shenzhen, China.

    2003年至2006年,Power Automation與海德盟公司在中國進行獨家代理合作。該合作最終于2006年底由Power Automation終止。

    自此以后,海德盟公司生產并向其客戶銷售未經授權的Power Automation CNC硬件及CNC軟件復制品。海德盟公司的這種行為連續侵犯了Power Automation的知識產權。

    From 2003 until 2006 Power Automation cooperated with Higerman on a non-exclusive distribution basis in China. This cooperation was finally terminated by Power Automation end of 2006.

    Since then Higerman produces and sells unlicensed replica of Power Automation’s CNC hardware and CNC software to its customers and claims to cooperate with PA. Doing so Higerman consecutively infringes the intellectual property rights of Power Automation.

    由于海德盟公司無法訪問Power AutomationCNC軟件更新,海德盟公司所使用的未經授權CNC軟件均已過時。此外,Power Automation及其附屬機構不向海德盟公司的客戶提供任何服務或支持,并希望所有海德盟公司的客戶立即停止從海德盟公司購買未經授權復制品以避免后續法律后果。

    The unlicensed CNC software used by Higerman is old-fashioned as Higerman has no access to CNC software updates from Power Automation. Furthermore Power Automation and its affiliates offer no service or support to Higerman customers and kindly ask all Higerman customers to stop buying unlicensed replica from Higerman with immediate effect in order to avoid future legal consequences.


    Power Automation 股份有限公司管理董事會

    普萊德爾斯海姆, 2018122

    Power Automation GmbH Board of Management

    Pleidelsheim, January 22, 2018