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    喜訊 | 德堡數控實驗室喜遷光明招商局


             With the continuous development and expansion of the company, the laboratory of Shenzhen Double CNC Tech Co., Ltd. was moved to the new office of China Merchants Group Science Park in Guangming District on December 26, 2017. The relocation of the lab will be a great help for the company to provide better service tomeet the demands of all the customers.


    The area of new lab is expanded by several times compared with the previous one, it added new machine tools with EDM and five-axes machining center as the core in order to meet the development and testing demand. At present, the lab of Double CNC covers the functional experiment and development demand which include laser plane cutting, laser pipe/tube cutting, drilling and milling of five-axes machining center , EDM cutting, aluminum cutting, etc.


    As of today, the new laboratory has been rebuilt.